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Work in Scandinavia

Organizational skills are very important for a person doing this job. We hope that you are able to manage human and other resources and successfully complete a long-term project. Your main task is to turn doubts into undoubted facts. You need expertise in HVAC and must be fluent in English or one of the Scandinavian languages.

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Employees’ feedback

We work in long-term objects, therefore, I know that work in the future is guaranteed. Salary is not late, and conditions of work and accommodation are really good.

Darius, insulator

Good attitude towards an employee. It's always possible to agree on holidays or rest days, and rotation schedules and their variations are agreed with each employee personally. I work for three years and I have no complaints.

Algirdas, welder

The team is young, project and work managers have a responsible approach towards their employees and know their job. The salary is never late, and if there are questions, the administration efficiently replies or solves a problem. I recommend it!

Mantas, metalworker